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Heaven's Least Ballet

A Ministry of Caring Community Church

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Heaven’s Least Ballet is a ministry of Caring Community Church intent on bringing affordable, quality, dance education to the Albion area. We welcome students of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels, both church and community members, to join with us in learning how to move and express through the beauty of dance and art.

We produce small seasonal showcases in the fall and winter, and a full scale story ballet in the spring; alongside a mini art gallery display.  We offer one week of summer camp for all ages and 3 week sessions for adults in ballroom dance and art each semester. We also encourage our students to experience the world of dance and art as much as possible through taking master classes, viewing professional works, and asking questions!

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All fees are due the first class of each month or a $15 penalty charge may incur.

$20 per month for 1 class for 1 student
$15 per month per student for 1 class for 2 siblings or more.
+$10 for each additional class

$10 per month for PBT class

There is a $15 costume fee per SEMESTER for student in 1 dance class.

Students in 2+ dance classes must pay a $30 fee per SEMESTER.

Art students must pay a $30 art supplies fee per SEMESTER.

We do offer sponsorships for families in need, please inquire!

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Art & Dance Classes

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Our classes at a glance:

Cherub Pre-Ballet (Age 3-5) - Wed. 5:00-5:45
Seraph Ballet (Age 6+)- Mon. 5:00-6:00
Celestial Ballet (Age 8+) - Mon. 6:45-7:45
Archangel Ballet (Age 10+) - Mon. 6:45-8:15 & Wed. 6:30-8:00
Pre-Pointe (11+ *Must be approved by teacher) - Mon. 8:15-8:30
Pointe (12+ *Must be approved by teacher) - Mon. 8:15-8:30 & Wed. 8:00-8:30

Pre-Tap (Age 3+) - Wed. 6:00-6:30
Beg. Tap (Age 7+) - Mon. 6:00-6:45
Int. Tap (Age 10+ *Must be approved by teacher) - Mon. 5:00-6:00

Contemporary (Age 10+) - Mon. 6:00-6:45
Acro (Age 7+) - Wed. 5:00-5:45
Jazz (Age 7+) - Wed. 5:45-6:45

Painting I (Age 8+) - Mon. 6:00-6:45
Drawing I (Age 10+) - Wed. 5:45-6:00

Adult Painting (16+) - Fall & Spring 3 wk sessions; Wed. 6:45-7:45

Cherub Ballet - Wednesday 5:00-5:45PM

Miss Faith invites children ages 3-5 to a happy, enthusiastic class that introduces students to the art of ballet and the joy of non-verbal story telling!

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    See our website for class times
    Caring Community Church
    See our website for class times
    Caring Community Church, 1015 Irwin Ave, Albion, MI 49224, USA
    Register for dance classes 2022/2023
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"The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’"

Matthew 25:40 NIV

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